Lebenshilfe Anniversary Logo


We got hired to come up with a motto and a logo for the 50th anniversary of the Lebenshilfe, an organization that cares for and employs disabled people. Together with our clients we brainstormed and developed serveral different ideas. Click on the picture to see the results.


Climate Campaign for Karlsruhe

Ich mach Klima!

For the environmental office of the city of Karlsruhe we developed a citizens-friendly climate campaign. Every citizen was challenged to reduce emissions of CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases. Over the course of one year 6 events took place, e.g. “Bulbs at the market”. www.ich-mach-klima.de


How do I live in a (my) village?


The demographic shift occurs above all in rural areas. If no measures will be taken soon those rural villages will become ghost towns. First steps to avoid that are outlined in this broschure which is distributed to all city councils in the county of Germersheim, Germany.